Lab. Name Professor Phone
Thin-Film and Photocatalyst Lab. M.S. Wong +886-3-8634210
Ceramic Process Lab. D.H. Kuo +886-3-8634214
Electronic Materials Lab. C.C. Wu +886-3-8634211
Microanalysis Lab. for Minerals and Materials S.L. Hwang +886-3-8634220
Functional Ceramics Lab. W.K. Chang +886-3-8634223
Optoelectronics materials Lab. C.H. Ho +886-3-8634225
Microforming Lab. M.K. Wei +886-3-8634226
Vapor Phase Epitaxy and Deposition Lab. Y.J. Chen +886-3-8634224
Microwave and Optoelectronic Devices Lab Y.S. Lin +886-3-8634216
Microsystems Joining Lab. J.M. Song +886-3-8634213
Light Metals Process Lab. J.Y. Wang +886-3-8634233
Energy Materials Lab. H.Y. Lin +886-3-8634232
Polymer Msterials Lab. S.H. Chen +886-3-8634228
SEM, Hitachi 3500H J.M. Song +886-3-8634213
Rigaku D/Max-2500, 18kw XRD W.K. Chang +886-3-8634223
AEM, JEOL JEM-3010 S.L. Hwang +886-3-8634220
Surface Profile M.S. Wong +886-3-8634210